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Survey to help our children

Submitted by RichBucks on Thu, 06/29/2017 - 10:49


Very Important Whanau Survey
Dr Melinda Webber, who talked to our parents last year, is working with our school, to find out the views/wishes of whanau, students, teachers and principals around what they want with education of our Maori Pupils.

This is really, really important, as it will be used to look at how we provide what is wanted; how we know we are doing this and what we may need to change to do this, and will affect the learning at this school over the coming years.
We will really know what you as parents of our children want them to learn, to experience, during their time at Hora Hora.
Not only that, but Dr Webber’s work is aimed at improving education for our tamariki throughout Te Tai Tokerau, so if you have children at more than one school, then you could fill in one survey form for each school. Your responses are anonymous, there is no way we can tell who has responded.
This is a real opportunity to have our voices heard, and make a difference, instead of just following what the politicians in Wellington tell us we should be doing for our children!
The survey can be filled at this link: it will take about 10 minutes.

If the link is difficult to access, you can fill in a paper survey at the school office, or send your child to me to bring home a copy.
We will also send a text invite to all cellphones on our list, so you can fill the survey in on your cellphone.
If you have any questions, please come and talk to me or Pat, or ring us, but please, please, remember this is one of the most important things we have ever asked parents to do, and as soon as possible.